Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Assurance at Jagdish Metals starts with understanding the Customers Requirement and continues till the customer is completely satisfied with the delivery of products and services. Quality Control procedures are well defined and thoroughly implemented. At Jagdish Metals our employees adhere to and contribute to the efficiency of our quality system in every aspect of our business. Our commitment guarantees to provide our clients with uncompromising quality and service. This is achieved through a team approach where all the members are aware of the company objectives and work within their own discipline to make an effective contribution.
To verify that the supply made to our clients exact specifications, our quality control team combines technical expertise, knowledge of industrial standards and the latest inspection tools and machines to meet all requirements. Particular attention is paid to high quality, tolerance and traceability.

Finished Goods are inspected For :

Surface Finish Final Mechanical Properties Mercury Contamination,Macro and Micro Properties,Inter Granular and Corrosion Properties Packing,Color Coding,Marking The quality assurance system is guided by principles that support our unique working culture which incorporates respect, self management, open communication and creativity.

These principles are:

We strive to be the best in our industry. We care about our customers. We do our absolute best to honor our commitments. We strive to always act with integrity and fairness.
Our Quality Assurance Program Maintains the Highest Level of Quality and Actively Contributes Towards Establishing and Achieving the Corporate Objectives.Quality People, Quality engineering and Quality products.These are the key to Jagdish Metals Continued Growth. Our Commitment Guarantees to Provide the Customer with Uncompromising Quality, Responsive Service, Competitive Pricing and on time Delivery. This is Achieved through a team approach where all the members are aware of the company objectives and work within their own disciple to make an effective contribution.

ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Company.